Technical constraints 

Our transport organization involves constraints related to our specifications which we must ensure before taking charge of your pallet.

Pallet size

Our pricing is based on the "European" size.
Length: 1200 mm
Width: 800 mm
Height: 2000 mm.
We can accept pallets up to 1000 x 1200 mm

Pallet weight

The pallets that we delivery can not exceed 1000 Kg.
Unfortunately, no adjustment is possible on the pallet weight to allow our drivers to manually handle your pallet.

Pallet state

Each pallet of our network must be able to be handled in length and width by a manual pallet jack.

Pallet Packaging

The main constraint of conditioning your palette are:

1 - No exceeding of the edges of the pallets to limit the risk of breakage

2 - A perfect stowage of your goods on the pallet

Access loading and unloading

It is important to plan the access of our vehicle to your pallet.

The size of the entrance, the width of the street, the turning radius, the state of the road are all elements that can prevent us from loading or delivering your pallet.


The handling is not included in our service.

Any handling of parcels, difficult access, access to a floor, ground not practicable by a pallet truck ... must anticipate by your care.

The handling of your pallet by our driver is limited to the surface handling of your pallet to load it in his truck.

Transport between two countries

All our carriers are regional operators specialized in their territory.
In the case of transport between two countries, the care takes place under the same conditions.
The importance of distance imposes a good quality of packaging and a good labeling of your pallet.

Refusal to take charge your pallet

Legally, the driver is responsible for loading his truck.

He may refuse to load your pallet if :
the conditions of access do not allow his vehicle to access your pallet,
the packaging is insufficient to support your pallet,
the quantities announced do not correspond to the request,
the ground is not pratricable ...

In these cases and if it is a lack of information, costs may be charged.

Absences on place of loading and delivery

Our teams make an appointment with the contacts provided for loading and delivery.
If for any reason no one is on site for loading or delivery, you will be charged a re-delivery fee.

Difference from the loaded format and the quotation

If the driver loads more pallets or more space than your order, there will not necessarily be a refusal of loading but your order will be overcharged base on the size of your load.

Maximum number of pallets

The maximum quantity of pallets per destination can not be more than 6 pallets but we can load several destinations of 6 pallets.
Our maximum quantity is fixed only by destination

Validation and payment of your orders

Your orders are only considered registered once your order has been validated and paid.